About Baboskha

I studied photography many years ago, my favorite being people and landscapes.

This led to doing a few exhibitions one being in Germany and some in my home town of Liverpool.

Over time I started to experiment in the darkroom with colours, multi exposures using various techniques and chemicals.

It was during this time, I realised that the camera and the darkroom was rather limited with what I wanted to do.

Also I was becoming aware of our environment and how unfriendly this method of creating images was towards the environment.

However you can imagine how I felt when the pc came into our homes with software such as Photoshop, Flash and many others, this opened up a new world to me. The possibilities where endless.

Then I came across images and talk of Benoit B. Mandelbrot and fractals and thought what is this, and wanted to find out more and was amazed on the amount of info on the net about fractals from lectures to documentaries, books, images, etc.

I found once I started looking into fractals, how far and deep it led me down the rabbit hole.

It is such a huge subject one can easily get lost or bogged down at first and feel overwhelmed, but it is hard to ignore the beauty, the symmetry and what an important role numbers play in our everyday lives… It makes one realise, what a wonderful and magical life it is, and how we walk through life with our eyes closed.

One does not need to look into the fundamentals of the fractal you can just enjoy viewing them for what they are.


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