What does it all mean


This is one of the most personal image that I ever took. We all have diffrent ways of dealing with loss and when my son died at the age of 12, I kept seeing an image in my head. Over the next few weeks with the help of my friend Debbie, we went about arranging this set up. My daughter who was also feeling the loss of her brother, did not need any encouragement to express her emotion as I felt it was just impotant for her to be part of this photograph, it not only helped us with our loss but it made us stronger as mother and daughter.

The seed

I took this image at the bruahah festival in Liverpool and this was one of the performers. I printed it in black and white then added diffrent dyes and chemicals to give it the overall effect, which makes it a one off image as I worked with the print.

Garth Goch

My friend an artist Sion lived here way back in the late 90s and he use to put on some great parties, Little did I know about the ufo past. In 2013 Richard D Hall brought my attention to this in a documentary that he did, called The Berwyn UFO Cover Up about sightings of UFOs in the late 70s. For those intrested the link is below

  • The Berwyn UFO Cover Up

  • Hidden Loss

    I called this hidden loss as my daughter at the time was standing on a grave, daughter like me loved to dress up and as always she was a wonderful model. I did not know anything about the location that I had done the photo shoot, it was only years later that I came across a scouser called Nicknome who told me that the place was called St Cathrines and it use to be a monastery. Not far where the picture was taken was a hidden tunnel, that went from the monastery to the nunnery that was across the field to them. The abbot found out about this tunnel which he had sealed up the tunnel. It is said that there were still some monks inside the tunnel when he sealed it up.

    The Old Tree

    This picture was take at a place Bend, Oregon, There was a lot of strange shaped trees about and this one in particular caught my attention. I could see faces and an owl sitting on a branch